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Why Donate to True Experience?

True Experience Supportive Housing and Community Work Program is a non-profit charitable organization.

Over the past few years True Experience has been recognized in many ways for their outstanding commitment and innovative efforts to help people living with mental illness to feel included and valued in their community.

When you ask someone with a mental illness, what is most important to them - they will usually answer:  Belonging.  Having a place to go.  Being a productive member of society.  Meaningful employment. A safe place to live. That’s not too much for anyone in Canada to ask for.  In fact, the majority of us are blessed with all of that and so much more.  So why is it that people living with mental illness struggle so hard for such simple things? 

True Experience strives to enhance the quality of life for people living with a mental illness using a 3 prong approach – supportive housing; community work program and social recreation. 

At our transitional living homes, we provide supportive housing for up to 15 individuals at any given time. Our houses are often at capacity and have wait lists.  Supportive housing is much more than a roof over your head.  People that live in supportive housing have a safe place to call home, healthy meals that they learn how to prepare themselves; they receive life skills coaching, advocacy, medicine management, and a myriad of additional supports all geared towards mental wellness and preparation for living in the community. 
Housing is a basic human right. Housing plays a major role in recovery and well-being. It is also a key ingredient for psychological stability, independent functioning and social connectedness. 

There is a definite co-relation between the closing of large psychiatric hospitals in the 80s and the rise of homelessness.  People discharged from hospitals returned to their communities.  The problem was and continues to be that the funding did not follow the people.  The money remained with the hospitals and the communities were left to figure it out.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada estimates that there are 520,700 people living with mental illness that are inadequately housed or homeless. 

A study conducted by Canadian Addictions and Mental Health Association found that the cost of supportive housing is just $15 - $115 per day, per person…compare that to the daily cost of $330 - $681 for hospitalization.  Given that, why is there such a critical shortage of supportive housing?  It makes economic sense to increase supportive housing options since the hospitalization options are limited and in some cases, non- existent. In our region, there are no psychiatric hospital beds.  Not one.

Please consider helping us help people in our community living with mental illness. 

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration. Together, we will be one step closer to providing safe, affordable housing for individuals in need.   

Donation Options

There are many easy ways you can donate:

  • One time Donations: These can be made online, in person at our head office location, or by mail.

  • In Memoriam or in Tribute Donations.

  • Planned Giving.

  • Corporate Donations and Sponsorships.

Please make cheque payable to True Experience Supportive Housing and Community Work Program.

If you would like to help financially support the continued work of True Experience, tax deductible donations will be receipted promptly. All donors will receive a tax-receipt for donations over $25.00.


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